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About Me


I spent many hours in remote wilderness, mostly in Southern Africa. My fascination with animals and a sense of deep connection with wild nature inspired my commitment to conservation from a young age.

I formally studied in life and geosciences at South African universities. This proved to be of great value to me, first as safari guide, then as a professional photographer and subsequently as a wildlife cameraman.

Further training with trackers, intuitive healers and through rights of passages received in authentic nature traditions in South Africa, and South and North America expanded my understanding of our multidimensional relationship with Nature in the greatest sense. Formal training in Neuroscience Coaching allowed me to recognise the need for a modern, intuitive coaching method that responds effectively to the vast changes we are going through globally at the moment.

During the filming of the award-winning National Geographic wildlife documentary THE LAST LIONESS, my interactions with Lady Liuwa radically challenged my belief system, leading to progressive changes in all areas of my life. I came to realize that all authentic change needs to be created and formed from within.

My initial fascination for wildlife and commitment to conservation has expanded to knowing that we don’t merely depend on nature for our physical survival and relaxation, but that we’re an integral part of Nature, and that she reflects our perceptions without failure.

As your coach and mentor I’m committed to facilitating the same process for you that I follow in my own life: I seek to respond to challenges and create my life from within, instead of reacting to forces from the outside, giving my energy and power away to external factors, demands and distractions.

As a transformative coach, mentor and wilderness guide I facilitate the dynamic space where we receive profound insights for personal transformation, vision, and growth, gaining wisdom through personal experience. I also facilitate an space in which outdated, limited beliefs and patterns can be released for renewed balance in our lives and subsequently our environment.

An ever evolving relationship with and within Nature keeps us creating the oldest and most reliable foundation humanity knows to recognise the choices available to us for our self realization, growth and evolution.



– 83 Selborn Rd, Bloubosrand, Johannesburg, South Africa.

– remotely via Skype / phone. ++27, (0)834577270

– Location of your choice for TIME OUT COACHING ENGAGEMTNS, or in corporate boardrooms etc.


– venues suitable for screening the 50 minute wildlife documentary “THE LAST LIONESS” that is free of disturbance. .


– in areas free from human interference and where nature has been left undisturbed, ie not been cultivated. These areas range from a few dozen hectares in size to large tracts of remote protected wilderness.


– 83 Selborn Rd, Bloubosrand, Johannesburg, South Africa, or any location where NATURE IMMERSION or COACHING ENGAGEMENT is facilitated, or client’s property in case of ENERGETIC PROPERTY CLEANSING AND RESTRUCTURING.