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Returning To Self

When faced with disruption or crisis, we have the choice how to respond. Pain and fear experienced as a feeling or primordial message has an important function for our survival. It is an instinctive response created by our body to help us recognise danger. Fear based emotions however associated with struggle and suffering are generated by our thoughts in situations that we experience directly or indirectly as observers.

Wearing a mask of mere “Positive Thinking”, playing a role that fakes happiness while being disconnected from underlying challenges in the hope that life will automatically improve simply doesn’t work. It results in unnecessarily uncomfortable or painful experiences, including illness and disease, until the disempowering blockages we hold in our subconscious are recognised, understood and when necessary, acted upon. When our higher self wants us to move on we cannot stand in our own way.

When we seek permanent transformation instead of short-lived change, we want to access and release these limiting patterns and outdated belief systems created in the past which no longer serve us. We want to understand why and how we have created them, and what they’ve taught us so we are able to receive deeper insights perceived from a higher level of perception going forward. The eagle cannot truly soar in misty valleys….

The restored balance enables flow, the basis for inner peace, joy and a meaningful, expansive life. The new knowledge that becomes available to us immediately starts integrating into our existence and manifests into our daily life as we change and adjust our actions.

The above methods are integrated into both Core Transformative Coaching Sessions and Nature Immersions or can be booked as one-to-one healing consultations.