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Core Transformative Coaching Method

“Nothing has meaning other than the meaning we give.” – Ancient Wisdom

“All experience is valid, but nothing has been achieved when done unconsciously.” – Ancient Wisdom






Coaching is a solution based process and different methods and tools are developed to suit the variety of approaches and applications.    

The CORE TRANSFORMATIVE COACHING METHOD assists you in restoring BALANCE in your existence, receive insight and VISION to create MOVEMENT and FLOW that results in meaningful TRANSFORMATION IN MULTIPLE AREAS OF YOUR LIFE.  

Goals are ELEVATED to become signposts for a journey taken with an authentic sense of purpose.  


The Core Transformative Coaching Method has been developed by myself with guidance and assistance from Sally Rossiter in Johannesburg, South Africa.  Elements from various nature traditions and metaphysical schools have been incorporated into the framework for their time proven effectiveness, and are expanded on as required.




These modalities rely on classic psychology as basis for their methods and focus on clearing trauma and outdated believe systems created in the past. This is typically a lengthy process and orientated towards solving problems. 


Usually the student receives “ready made” information directly from another person. It might fit the bill when it covers the required information needed, and when taught and received well.  Very often it won’t be incorporated into the student’s life though and much if not most of the information is not turned into personal wisdom through grounded, individual experience.  


This type of coaching is typically approached from the more physical-mental dimension and used to generate more specific and necessary but more superficial, short term changes.  A substantial amount of time might be used to motivate and assist participants to make relevant action or behavioural changes.  

All types of coaching, counselling and therapy are heading towards a more intuitive approach because of our gradual acceptance of it’s true value, based on how it really functions.  Also, the importance of experiential teaching is recognised once again in modern society.   

The CORE TRANSFORMATIVE COACHING METHOD effectively facilitates deep insights, develops well motivated intentions and releases blockages to progressively create an authentic personal reality of purpose and meaning expressed into all areas of our modern lives.  It’s rooted in processes that have been applicable since the dawn of humanity, and adjusted to function well in modern society:  


#.   profound insights are gained from the first session onwards.

#.   results typically manifest early in the process, which means fewer sessions are needed.

#.   you access authentic inspiration which usually motivates you from within, resulting in less time and energy typically needed during sessions to develop detailed strategies and action plans to manifest the required changes that lead towards the goals and intentions you aim for.  You’ll soon develop clarity how much additional support you need for your journey towards your goal.  

#.   because our intuition is the principle with which I navigate the process, it is dynamic and highly responsive to your needs, wants and your individual spiritual, mental, emotional and physical realities.

#.   you access deeper levels of mind with the result being that lasting changes are typically experienced in more areas than where the challenge first surfaced, or the goal was set.  In other words, the method produces a ripple effect into the multiple dimensions of your life rather than result in superficial short-term changes.

#.   the process restores the balance in the participant’s life, since performance is not pursued at the cost of everything else, unless consciously chosen for well defined reasons.

#.   it is one integrated process that releases participants from outdated beliefs and patterns, while consciously creating a new reality in alignment with inner wisdom and purpose.



Although still largely unconventional within the current coaching industry, intuitive approaches such as the CORE TRANSFORMATIVE COACHING METHOD are increasingly acknowledged and used.  Humanity’s re-discovery and appreciation of timeless, universal knowledge and our intuitive faculties, and the public’s gradual assimilation of cutting edge scientific research results in transpersonal and eco psychology, modern physics and depth ecology support humanities quest for deeper meaning and answers to the original question,  “WHO AM I”?