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Mentored Coaching Programs

In addition to the OPEN COACHING ENGAGEMENTS where sessions are booked on an ad hoc basis, you can sign up for multiple session programs.  The advantage these offer is:

  •  you focus on defined themes or topics that require a COMBINATION OF RELATED INSIGHTS.
  •  sufficient time in between sessions enables you to MANIFEST THE REQUIRED CHANGES in your life.
  •  the required action you take in between sessions ELEVATES THE VALUE of your individual rebalancing and coaching engagements. 
  •  your progress is measurable and inspires you to stay committed to your transformation.
  •  you’ll become increasingly aware of opportunities for growth and expansion which otherwise would be more difficult to detect.

These multiple hour programs are offered at my practice in Johannesburg; remotely via telephone or Skype.  They can be effectively integrated into my NATURE IMMERSIONS.



This program is literally for everyone, including teenagers and young adults who struggle relating to our modern environment.   I developed this program as a suitable foundation to living consciously.  Grounding our spiritual insights forms an important part of this program.

As our understanding deepens (i.e our awareness and consciousness expands), we tend to experience states of uncertainty, vulnerability and loss, overwhelming responsibility and/ or disempowerment.

With the changes our planet is experiencing, our understanding of fundamental processes is often incomplete or even flawed because of outdated meanings we might have attached to them.  More often though, we have never had to engage with those to a full extent to experience life in a progressive manner.  We got away because we have adapted our environment to our needs, and the status quo offered a high enough level of safety.  This has been changing dramatically though.  It feels as if we’re pushed and pulled to take more responsibility for who we are as humans on an individual level.  It seems we’re on this heightened quest wanting to return to our centre, empowering ourselves from the inside out.  Seeking power externally leads increasingly to disillusion and finally chaos.

Participants are supported to gain insight and realisations, are guided to relate those to concepts and processes that are fundamental to our human existence, and integrate them to into their daily lives to experience less friction and improved balance, synchronicity and flow, and bounce back easier when impacted.
Some of these teachings and practices are adapted or modified to relate to the 21st century, but essentially all have withstood the toughest teacher –  time.

The program is about learning how to naturally express our true nature authentically into our world, how to live a life of purpose, fulfilment, and peace, to enable happiness becoming an easier choice.

This program is ideally suited for participants of THE EMPOWERED MASCULINE PROGRAM to ground additional insights more permanently and create their new reality.

Total Fee:  R 8400.00, facilitated within six to twelve sessions over a maximum of six months.  50%  Paid up front, the rest to be settled before the second half of the program commences.  Valid until September 2019.


To better understand who we are is the foundation for every relationship we have, including the one with ourself. If, as a man you experience a time of frustration, disillusionment or crisis and want to find not only your feet but yourself, join this mentored coaching program. It consists of a combination of teachings and one-to-one rebalancing and coaching sessions, either in person or remotely via Skype or phone.

You’ll examine the different roles you fulfilled as a man in your life.
You’ll understand why you feel overwhelmed, frustrated, angry or confused. What are these emotions telling you when we follow their trail about your current state, ie what it is you want to change.
* You’ll recognise choices you have, ie how to respond to insights which lead to a progressive, productive and meaningful life.

I’ve been embracing this process diligently for the past few years in my own life now. I’m glad I did and I’m able to facilitate the transformation for others. The process essentially reflects our natural recalibration to the changing times we humans experience. Typically there are general patterns to integrate during this process, however, each one of us is affected differently, depending largely on

Total Fee:  R 5600.00, facilitated within four to eight sessions over a maximum of three months.  50% of total payment up front, rest to be settled before the second half of program commences.  Valid until September 2019