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Core – Transformative Nature Immersions

“Our journey starts on age old game trails, shaped by the hooves and paws of thousands of animals, on rock, on soil and in water, and takes us beyond the boundaries of biomes and reserves into the skies and deep into ourselves…”


Experiencing the gifts of a truly conscious walk in the African veld is intensely liberating. The unfolding of what our bodies instinctively remember as the rhythms of the Earth and the stars, as being our own. The revelations that come to us when Earth, Water, Air and Fire align us towards our true and natural state of being.

Wild nature has been chosen by generations of consciousness pioneers, thought leaders, spiritual masters and seekers to calm and re-calibrate their busy, overactive minds to receive insight and Vision, the foundation for authentic creative expression.  In the North American traditions these stationary immersions are called Vision Quests and Vision Fasts.  Questers spend days, weeks or months in solitude to minimise all distraction.  Quests are as old as humanity itself and held on all inhabited continents, away from the tension each society brings, distanced from the urban hum and stress.

I facilitate CORE TRANSFORMATIVE NATURE IMMERSIONS in a variety of landscapes and habitats to access the gifts and powers brought to you when combining contemplative walking and trekking, with sufficient solo time as been held during traditional quests.  

Mindfulness practices assist you “coming back to your senses”, opening yourself to the teachings and healing power of Silence in wild nature.  

Illusions and flawed beliefs that inhibit true insights and clarity are shed, for you to be reminded of your authentic Vision and Purpose.

One-to-one coaching and re-balancing engagements are scheduled before, during and after immersions to assist your progress whilst honouring your sacred conversation.

Your goals and intentions are acknowledged as being more than measures of success.  In sync with the insights you’re receiving, they’re elevated to become well placed beacons for the direction you desire your life’s journey to take you, and experiences you choose to have.  We shape and re-evaluated these so that clarity and deepened understanding can manifest in your private, family, work and organisational lives in a synchronised manner.   

I know the profound changes this can bring. It’s been part of my journey as wildlife cameraman and wilderness guide too. Spending considerable amounts of time patiently observing nature, both outside and inside of me, and then thrown back into South Africa’s fast-paced Johannesburg and live a progressive and purposeful life, requires inner balance and Vision. 

Research at leading universities has proven the core-restorative and creative powers we access in nature, and that her role in our psychological, emotional, physical and spiritual existence exceeds by far pure entertainment, recreational or even educational and survival value. Fortunately Nature’s many roles are once again acknowledged in modern architecture, city planning, education, psychology, medicine, nutrition and leadership development to name a few.

All authentic transformation is driven from within.   I invite you to immerse and re-create yours, to celebrate the gifts that Nature brings to us when we meet her with openness and respect. 


Single and multiple day CORE-TRANSFORMATIVE NATURE IMMERSIONS (C) are facilitated as scheduled and tailor-made programs for individuals, groups and organisations.   I advise that remote or in person CORE TRANSFORMATIVE COACHING ENGAGEMENTS OR MENTORED PROGRAMS are booked to assist with the integration and grounding of the wisdom you access during the immersions into your life.