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Space And Property Cleansing

When our external environment is out of balance and the natural energetic flow is impeded, our wellbeing and productivity are affected negatively, often quite drastically so. For instance, traffic from nearby highways, construction sites, water pipes with polluted or lifeless water, personal problems brought in and released unconsciously by ourselves and others are examples of what influences our environment. They create disruptive, heavy or even toxic energetic states in specific locations with a ripple effect into their wider, distant environment.

Often we can sense or feel that something’s not right in these areas. We can witness the different manifestations of stress it causes in humans, animals and plants, continuous breakages of appliances and machinery, accidents and mishaps etc. Often times the interconnectedness of phenomena surprise us because they defy our current logic.

Energetic clearing and restructuring on properties has an immediate effect one can sense or observe as positive changes in human behaviour, sleep patterns, overall productivity, improving business etc unfold.

For energetic property clearings I prefer to travel to your location. They do not form part of coaching sessions and need to be booked separately.