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You have a DEEP SENSE that there is infinitely more to life and its mysteries waiting for you to be explored and experienced
You seek authentic INSIGHTS and clarity as a sound foundation for your INDIVIDUAL solutions and PURPOSEFUL action
You want to take responsibility for your LIFE and commit to meaningful CHANGES and adjustments
You wish for SUPPORT that RESPECTS the choices you have made and HONOURS your soul’s JOURNEY, the life that you deeply DESIRE
You are open to PARTICIPATE in inherently natural mindfulness practices and metaphysical counselling and re-balancing modalities.

The Process

As your coach and mentor I’m committed to facilitating the same process for you that I follow in my own life: I seek to consciously respond to challenges and create my life inspired from within, instead of reacting to forces from the outside, giving my energy and power away to external demands and distractions.

The safe and confidential space which I create in all my engagements and immersions enables you to let go of limiting beliefs and outdated assumptions, and gain profound insights, clarity and renewed perspectives.

Progress evolves naturally out of a state of inner knowing, the foundation on which intelligent choices are made to experience the fullness of our lives. Meaningful transformation happens when you hold ourselves accountable and take responsibility for your actions with seriousness and determination.

When you better understand the dynamics that are at play in your life, you become acutely aware of the progressive choices that are available to you to create the life you want from a soul centred perspective.

My method does exactly that as it engages you in your spiritual, emotional, mental and physical existence. You will evaluate your goals and align your intentions with your individual purpose and truth, while discovering a deeper understanding beyond the ordinary and obvious.

You will naturally reconnect with your innate personal leadership attributes.

Your strategies will be built around performance and success experienced in alignment with purpose and meaning, rather than short lived achievements based on superficial, external criteria.

Sessions are held in person at my practice in Johannesburg North – South Africa, remotely via Skype or phone, as part of NATURE IMMERSIONS, LADY LIUWA TRANSFORMATIVE ENGAGEMENTS and at suitable “TIME OUT” locations of your choice.


  • 4 hour Immersions in CRADLE MOON LAKESIDE GAME RESERVE on wednesday mornings
  • 2 hour DYNAMIC SILENCE (A RE-BALANCING MEDITATION) on wednesday evenings.
  • Detailed info listed on the  SCHEDULE page


Sense the small stuff and receive guidance how to project and amplify precious beginnings into THE  BIGGER PICTURE


IS WHAT I’M COMMITTED TO.  Mere change transpires when we replace a challenge or goal with another one without first having authentically GROWN AND EVOLVED our capacity and understanding.


When you need a radical change in perception about your business or profession, a shift in focus from what you do towards who your are might be the fundamental transformation required.


Embrace the tension between highs and lows to move you forward through the seasons and rhythms of life.  To set your sails, enrol in a mentored coaching program!


between order and chaos, receiving and giving creates the flow and movement needed to both receive and express our vision authentically.  Restoring balance is integral to my coaching approach.


"My time spent with Herbert could only be explained as deeply inspiring. We began our relationship as work colleagues but soon became good friends and Herb became my biggest mentor. Being in a very remote part of western Zambia, our conversations about life, spirituality and what it all means to us became our common camp fire conversations. Never have I met a man so in tune with the Beings, our planet, and himself. Herb is a true mentor and I owe my career to what I learned in those early years."
James Boon – Cameraman on “Survivor”, “Snakes in the City” etc
“I have always appreciated the benefits of coaching but in working with Herb, I’ve been able to unlock the next stage of my journey. His methods address the complexities related to my leadership responsibilities in a corporate structure as well as a personal world with rapidly changing dynamics. Through our sessions he has been able to help me realign towards my most authentic Self and this in turn created the necessary shifts for progress.”
Zanele Luvuno – MD, Transcend Talent Management
"At once simple, yet profound, Herbert’s unique coaching model has the ability to propel you straight out of your comfort zone – if you are up for the challenge. We get stuck in places of comfort yet un-fulfilment, knowing in our hearts that there is more. At times like these, we need a new map of being, a new pathway to travel. Herbert does not give you the compass, he guides you to find it yourself. And find it you will, provided you are committed. That final leap of faith opened up a whole new vista for me. Having taken that leap and jumped into the flow, my book that was waiting for something to happen has, after our first session, been published in an unprecedented short amount of time. Our time on this earth should be about living our truth. Don’t waste it being stuck. Let Herbert guide you to opening yourself up to all you can be."
Linda Park – Author, The Book of Samson
"My coaching experience with Herbert meant that we got very quickly to the point I had to focus on. He expanded my awareness. From there everything happened fast and I could see improvements in my life, growing constantly. In my mind I am still going back to that first coaching session when in need for inspiration and motivation. It feels as if he has opened an energetic channel that I can access to be recharged anytime. Thank you again Herbert."
Manuela Sanfelicci - van Loggerenberg – Owner of Mal d'Africa
"Both personally and professionally my experience is that Herbert embodies a unique combination of qualities: truth, integrity, humour and practicality. Herbert is a very creative person too. These qualities form the structure of Herbert's coaching and mentoring programs, and I, personally have reaped the benefits in abundance. Thanks for the combination of wisdom and kindness present in all your interactions, Herbert. You’re a great friend and coach."
Sally Rossiter – Shaman, Healer, Channel and Teacher
"Herb successfully created a supportive framework for me to build confidence and take charge of my life. His approach to coaching continues to help me find clarity and purpose. His calm, solid wisdom guides me to my own understanding and insight with gentleness. With great respect for other's feelings, Herb always facilitates my quest to find my Self, making the path much more enjoyable. On a practical level, I found the kind of work I wanted after two sessions, and when I wanted a different work experience, found that soon as well.”
Claude Naude
"Herbert and my friendship spans some 15 years. Initially we worked together in a photographic realm, and from that, grew a friendship, and now in many ways a mentorship. His perfection in photography, and then film making, paved a way for him to study light and shadow. He seemed to have always been looking for perfection expressed in the balance between the two and what he wants to express. His images were often a testament to this. Big wide open skies, with his subject matter placed in dynamic balance with the elements. I witnessed Herbert facing and owning both his darkness and his light, opening himself up to the growth he was destined to explore. We have talked for hours – each time I take away a little more understanding of myself, acceptance of what is and trust in discovering what my own purpose, my truth is, how I fit into my environment. Herbert's led me to the insight that personal growth is not always something I can touch and feel – but rather, the experience I have when I accept my responsibility expanding towards ever brighter light."
Helen Wilson – MD, Makweti Safari Lodge
The saying goes, “You can’t start a fire without a spark”. The spark is what I was missing in my life. Working in a family business, that was never easy, fighting to try and find purpose and meaning . That is what I found and accomplished with the help and guidance during Herb’s coaching engagements and courses which I attended. 'Not saying I’m finished yet. I’m now making that fire bigger.
Greg Gossman, Co-Owner, Allwagen Parts